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Welcome to Environmental Business Solutions, an SCS Engineeers Company - Environmental Consulting Services home page
Sea Australia Services is an Australian based business providing environmental/marine pollution solutions.  We help government, NGO's, public and private businesses with their environmental concerns by using the highest technical and environmental expertise and presenting the information in easy to follow and innovative ways.

          LATEST NEWS

Out of the depths comes war's lethal legacy: 16/5/2010

A proposed annex to the Wreck Removal Convention treaty to address environmental hazards of sunken World War II Naval Vessels- 15/05/2007 

Issue paper: Potentially polluting wrecks in marine waters- IOSC 2005- download this pdf now!

Dumped ammunition causes headaches in Albany Port- 25/5/05

MoD dumped munitions in the Irish Sea- 22/4/2005

Solomon Islands seek U.S. help with hundreds of sunken WWII warships- 21/4/2005

Japan sub part of Hawaii ocean 'junkyard'- 10/4/2005

Bomb ship a potential danger--official- 28/1/2005

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