"Providing efficient, responsive and cost effective environmental and scientific services to our global clients"

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SEA AUSTRALIA – Vision and Mission

Sea Australia is dedicated to the protection of the marine environment and providing a quality and timely service to its customers locally and internationally.

Our Vision is:

To provide an efficient, responsive and cost effective environmental and scientific services to our global clients.

The Mission of Sea Australia is to:

Strive to achieve its vision by continually applying best practice, technical excellence and innovation to solving complex marine environmental pollution problems. Our aim is to listen closely to our clients needs and provide timely and quality technical advice and services. Whether private or public clients we pride ourselves on providing services of the highest order tailored to suit the needs and budget.

Independence, integrity and client confidentiality are key business goals. We conduct our business using the most talented professionals and technical sub-contractors in a close partnership.

You Our Client – Your Problem is Our Problem

Whether you are a private company, non-government organisation or government agency we pride ourselves on being flexible to meet the changing demands of customers in environmental emergency situations that can occur anywhere and anytime. Your problem is our problem.

Whether your environmental emergency or incident is a large or small-scale spill, Sea Australia personnel can offer a range of professional and technical services to meet your needs and budget.

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