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Sea Australia is dedicated to the protection of the marine environment and providing a quality and timely service to its customers locally and internationally.

Whether our customers are private companies, non-government organisations or government agencies we pride ourselves on being flexible to meet the demands of customers in emergency situations that can occur anywhere and anytime. Whether your incident is a large or small-scale spill, Sea Australia personnel can offer a range of professional and technical services to meet your needs and budget.

Please do not hesitate to email us if you have any queries or wish a quotation on any services.

Among the portfolio of services and expertise we can provide the following:

  • Spill Contingency Planning, Response Preparedness and Consultancy Services

  • Environmental Sensitivity Assessment, Mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS) Services

  • Assessment and Monitoring of Pollution Impacts on Marine and Coastal Habitats

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

  • Contaminated Shoreline Assessment, Cleanup and Treatment Advice (SCAT) and Services.

  • Spill Information Management (SIM)

  • Baseline Environmental Surveys for Ports, Marinas, Harbours and Coastal Developments

  • Sampling Surveys – Water, Air and Land (Analytical Services provided by Leeder Consulting)

  • Spill Trajectory Modelling (Services provided by ASA-Asia Pacific)

  • Company/Site Specific Marine Pollution Risk Assessments

  • Shipwreck Data – ID and Location of over 8000 WWII shipwrecks globally

  • Oiled Wildlife Planning and Response.



Environmental Sensitivity Assessment, Mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS) Services

We provide a range of spatial analysis and ecological mapping services, for contingency planning and incident response, these include:

  • Environmental Sensitivity Mapping (ESM)

  • Resources At Risk (RAR)

  • Fate and Effects (FAE)

  • Contaminated Shoreline Assessment, Cleanup and Treatment Advice (SCAT) and Services

  • Compilation of site environmental data into GIS maps and the overlay of data on satellite imagery or aerial photographs.



Assessment and Monitoring of Pollution Impacts on Marine and Coastal Habitats

The key to accurate and defensible impact assessment during marine pollution incidents is a sound understanding of aquatic ecological and physical processes. Sea Australia personnel can provide a range of environmental monitoring and assessment services during an incident. We can provide sampling surveys for water, air and land and analytical services through Leeder Consulting.



Spill Information Management (SIM) Services

SIM Services provided by Sea Australia is essentially the documentation of environmental damage and incidents for investigations, resource damage assessments, response activities and cost recovery purposes. Traditional survey and environmental reports can be complex and lengthy. Increasingly we are using GIS based mapping linked to data, pictures, video and textual information to provide clear and interactive information for decision makers.

Data is gathered by a thorough and objective site investigation covering all aspects of the pollution incident and evidence collection by skilled environmental personnel. Site/incident information, site surveillance, geographic coordinates and observations undertaken by our personnel are backed by systematic video and photographic surveys.

These surveys can include:

  • The movement and location of the spill over time

  • Identifying habitats impacted and resources damaged

  • Monitoring cleanup actions and equipment/manpower deployment

  • Provision of an interactive map on CD-ROM to ease the reconstruction of the incident and response actions.



Shipwreck Data – ID and Location of over 8000 WWII shipwrecks globally.

The Sea Australia Services offers an insight into the possibility of marine pollution caused by ageing WWII shipwrecks.

Sea Australia aims to accumulate all the most recent and up to date information on WWII and its shipwrecks and the consequences of such marine pollution events.  Please see our 'Publications' page for recent papers, abstracts and presentations.

Our consultancy offers map making services for our customers interested in the location, size and further information about WWII shipwrecks. 



Oiled Wildlife Planning and Response

  • Contingency Planning for Oiled Wildlife

  • Assessment of Oiled Wildlife Cleaning Agents




Please email us with your direct request and we will endeavour to get back to you soon with a detailed quote.

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Environmental Sensitivity Assessment, Mapping and GIS

Pollution Impacts on Marine and Coastal Habitats

Spill Information Management

Spill Trajectory Modelling
(ASA-Asia Pacific)

World War II Shipwreck Data

Oiled Wildlife Planning & Response


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